3 Things to Consider While Choosing the House

1. Budgeting the expected cost

Your dream house can be shattered in the beginning once you find out how framing can cost you more than you thought. So before proceeding to the actual plan, it’s important to sit down and understand the cost breakdown. The cost usually depends on the location, size, design, procurement route and project management, construction type and quality.

However, there will be instances where cost exceeds estimates. And aside from the above-mentioned factors, items or materials that aren’t even included in the original budget plan may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or conditions.

2. Getting the right location

When building your dream house, the next thing you’ll probably think about is the location. Though “Location, location, location!” has been used as a common phrase among property experts, choosing the most desirable location can really make an impact on your home’s value and lifestyle.

Living in a house next to a highway would lead to a lot of irritation because of all the loud noises. Apart from that, you should also consider the neighborhood and the distance from school or work so you won’t get stuck in traffic jams. Securing an ideal spot before committing too much on the actual building of your house might prove to cost some extra planning but will be worth your time.

3. Designing and building your dream house

Some people assume that when building a house, all they need is a builder and the right materials to do it. But, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing houses were not built in just the blink of an eye. First-time homeowners, whether they like it or not, need to hire an architect to supervise the entire process.

Architects will not just create the design, proceed with the drafting, and pick the materials for you, they can also guarantee that you have a home that suits your lifestyle needs, definitely putting your money to good use.

4. Choosing a quality contractor or house builder

After the architect has finished polishing the design and blueprints, it’s now time to choose the right contractor who will help you throughout the construction process.

While there are a lot of builders out there, finding a trustworthy and professional contractor can make a world of difference—both in ensuring that you don’t go over budget and your dream house really looks the part. Moreover, a professional builder will oversee the construction process, making sure that the ceiling won’t leak and the walls won’t collapse.

5. Picking the right materials

Now that you’re ready to build your dream house, it’s essential to choose the right materials. Although it is an often-overlooked stage in the building process, picking out the right tools and durable materials will surely save you from potential overspending, future frustrations, and disappointment.

Home-building process doesn’t just end with structuring. The overall outcome also depends on the finishing work that includes facing, plastering, flooring, painting, wallpapering, and glazing.

Holcim Philippines, one of the leading building solution providers in the Philippines, offers the right solutions to your construction needs. One of its latest offerings is the blended cement brand Solido formulated for ready-mix concrete manufacturing and with strengths exceeding national and global standards.

Besides high strength and workability, Holcim Philippines also cares about its lasting, positive impact on the community—one of which is ensuring the health and safety of people. By opting for Solido, you can be sure that you are not just using a reliable cement product but also a more eco-friendly alternative to the commonly-used, ordinary Portland cement.

Moreover, Holcim Philippines continues to provide homebuilders innovative cement solutions that will help them build and support construction activities in the country.

Considering the right type of cement needed for specific building purposes is important and Holcim Solido might be the best choice for your dream house.

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