Developed Infrastructure

Infrastructure includes all essential systems and facilities that allow the smooth flow of an economy’s day-to-day activities and enhance the people’s standard of living. It includes basic facilities such as roads, water supply, electricity, and telecommunications.

Public Areas

to the extent provided by City, all improved interior and exterior areas within the Terminal which are not devoted to the exclusive use by any airline, concessionaire or other occupant occupying space in the Terminal including, without limitation, public transportation loading and unloading facilities, pedestrian walkways and horizontal pedestrian movers, delivery areas, landscaped areas, communi

Landscape Design

Landscape design today integrates a wide variety of elements to achieve functional and beautiful spaces for outdoor living. Professional landscape designers offer a broad range of planning and design services tailored to a spectrum of client needs. By engaging the services of a landscape designer, outstanding design solutions can be developed while avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary confusion.

A well-executed landscape design increases not only the enjoyment of a home, but the actual square footage of valuable usable space. With comprehensive planning and professional installation, outdoor living areas can be an excellent investment. Studies have shown that thoughtfully developed outdoor spaces can increase the value of a home up to twenty percent.

Furniture Design

Furniture design is a specialized field where function and fashion collide. Many interior designers believe that furniture is one of the most important aspects of interior space. Pieces of furniture not only add function and practicality to space, but they also add style and personality. Furniture has evolved and changed with the times, and some styles have remained somewhat constant throughout the years, while others have drastically changed or become obsolete. Today, creating new furniture styles is often seen as a type of industrial art form.

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